After several months of development I am proud to finally say that SnekLog is finally ready for its initial public release.

SnekLog is a Reptile Tracker program that was built for reptile keepers, by a reptile keeper. For the longest time, I used other Reptile Tracker applications on multiple platforms and I always ran into a lack of features that never allowed me to fully keep track of my collection through the app so I set out to build my own and I decided that I should share it with the world so that everyone can take advantage of some of the functionality. As time goes on there are still dozens of features I want to add and I am also always open to feedback. I truly want to make SnekLog user friendly for everyone. So without further adieu, let me showcase some of the features of SnekLog.

Beautiful HomePage

The homepage is where keepers spend most of their time so I wanted to make sure it was beautiful and functional on devices of all sizes. The Full Size homepage (selected by default) showcases your reptile while also showing you the most important information like reminders for Feedings, Medications, and more. For those that want a more compact homepage, there is an early work-in-progress of a compact and table based home which I will be expanding the functionality of in the coming weeks.

Reptile Dashboard

The Reptile Dashboard is my favorite feature and it was the thing I wanted most that most other Reptile Keeper apps didn't offer in a fleshed out or usable way. At the top of the dashboard you have a beautiful photo of your reptile with the most relevant information found to the right of it. Just below the basic information you have the Reminders Section. This section keeps track of any upcoming medications, feedings, cleanings & event weight checks while also having the ability to estimate the shed cycle for your reptile if they are consistent enough.

You may also notice that on the right there is a button that says "Quick Feed". If you set up what the typical meal for the reptile is, you can simply log a feeding for them with 1 click of a button, which can save a lot of time if you have several feedings to do that day.

The dashboard also features graphs that show a history of weights, lengths and even reptile weight/food weight comparison based on what they have been eating.

Other Features

Other awesome features to take advantage of are as follows:

  • Custom events, categories, medications & even food types/sizes so you can customize SnekLog to the custom needs if your collection
  • Custom reminder time for your homepage so you only see alerts based on your routine
  • The ability to keep track of when your reptile was last handled (If you like to keep track of that)
  • Egg Clutch Tracking (Still a work-in-progress)
  • Ability to see an event history per category or per reptile
  • Ability to quickly log feeding or cleaning events per rack/cage (Expanded functionality coming soon)

SnekLog will be updated frequently as time goes on with fixes and new features added on an almost daily basis. Since I built this program for features that I wanted and that I feel others could take advantage of to take better care of their reptiles, the program is 100% free to use with all features unlocked with no tracking, selling of data or any shenanigans going on behind the scenes. SnekLog is supported through donations so if you ever feel like helping with the development and maintenance, please feel free to Donate through this link or the Donate button at the button of the SnekLog app.