Your Collection, Managed!

With SnekLog, you are no longer restricted by your reptile keeper app. SnekLog allows you to track everything in your collection without a desktop calander or a notebook. Since SnekLog is web-based, you can access your collection anytime and from any device you own!


Reptile Dashboard

The Reptile Dashboard allows you to see all the important details about your reptile at a glance.

It shows you the basic information about your reptile, as well as your personalized schedule for Feeding, Shedding, Cleaning, Weighing and even Medications.

You also have access to all the history for logged events and can even look at graphs showing the growth history of your reptile.


SnekLog comes fully loaded with dozens of features that keepers of collections large and small
will find very useful, and that will minimize the time it takes do document all the details about your reptiles.

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Easily add your own event categories and types so you can keep track of everything you want, exactly how you want.


You can add up to 10 high-quality photos for each of your reptiles with the ability to attach notes to each.


You can log feedings for a single reptile, or even an entire room full of animals with just a single click.


Quickly generate and view a list that shows you each and every food item you need for that day's feeding.


Add your own medications so you can keep track of dosages and even set up reminders for when it is time to give your reptile their next dose.


Keep track of all your clutches with detailed information and then easily convert the entire clutch to individuals.


Easily view a history of your added events, broken down by date range, reptile, or category so you know exactly when something was logged.


Generate customizable reports, cage cards and even sales certificates for all your animals with just a few clicks.


SnekLog has a robust and detailed user's guide that will help new users get started and explain all the details.

The Idea Behind SnekLog

SnekLog was built by a reptile keeper, for reptile keepers with the idea being that better care and husbandry starts with good documentation.

SnekLog allows reptile keepers to manage their collections properly, which leads to a better quality of life for the animals, and a better reputation for the hobby as a whole. This is why SnekLog is free to use without any features behind a paywall, and without any information being traded with 3rd parties.


SnekLog is supported and run solely on donations by keepers like you, provided either through PayPal or Patreon.

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Development Updates

SnekLog is updated on a regular basis and you can follow the updates and read all the patch notes through the development blog below.

SnekLog Update: 12/02/2021

SnekLog Update: 12/02/2021

A quick patch hot on the heels of SnekLog 2.0 fixes uploading PNG images and corrects a few small UI issues