It's been an extraordinarily busy week working on refining and fixing SnekLog since it went public. Most of the issues were from migrating the development database over to the live database but things should now be stable and I have taken measures to make sure that any irregularities and errors are automatically reported so I can work on fixing things immediately. It's also been busy getting a public facing Twitter and Facebook accounts so help keep users in the loop who don't regular 'Blog' style sites. I will be using both the Twitter and Facebook accounts for reporting any maintenance or outages and I will also use it to reply to help & feedback. Thank you so much everything for taking SnekLog for a spin and I hope you enjoy it enough to keep using it!

Updates For The Week

New Features

  • Added the ability to update the reptile "Last Handled" time with any time you choose
    • The quick button is still on the dashboard and remains unchanged. To edit the Land Handled time, simply click the edit icon next to the "Last Out:" field on the reptile dashboard


  • Updated Reptile Dashboard to neatly format the "Extended Info" under the sidebar
  • Updated the create reptile page to redirect you to the dashboard when clicking "Add Reptile"
  • Updated the edit reptile page to show the current profile picture for the reptile
  • Updated the error pages to match the rest of the app formatting
  • Updated the homepage to not round the reptiles birthday up to the next year
  • Updated the website footer
  • Cleaned up the UI in several places
  • Added more back-end measures for error tracking & reporting
  • Various other back-end improvements with the server(s) that handle the application & database

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the user would get a server error when adding/editing a reptile with no Food Size/Type selected
  • Fixed an issue with the reptile Mother/Father relationships
    • This fix also lays the groundwork for a future feature of a "Family Tree" for your breeding lines