This week's update is out a bit early due to some major reptile projects I have lined up for this weekend but it's certainly not lacking in changes! The 2 big ticket changes are the ability to set your reptile to "Quarantine" (with the ability to set a duration too!) and I have completely revamped the "Compact Home" to make it look and function a lot better. Several dozen under the hood changes have been made as well to reduce errors, increase performance and help pave the way for future features (Like an image gallery per reptile so you can see how they change over time). Next week I am aiming to have the "Quick Events" functionality a little more fleshed out and I also hope to have the Cage View completely revamped as well.

Updates For The Week

Quick look at the new "Compact Home"

New Features

  • Added the ability to set a reptiles status to "Quarantined"
    • You can also set a "Quarantine Duration" timer that will make the icon on the home page Orange until the timer is up, then it will turn Green
  • The "Compact Home" has been completely rebuilt from the ground up
    • The improved Compact View shares all the functionality of the "Full Size Home" but in a more compact way that should appeal to keepers that want a more data-centric view instead of an artsy one.


  • When updating a reptiles status you can add in extra information in dynamically populated form fields
    • 'For Sale' allows the user to add value for asking price
    • 'On Loan' allows the user to add values for who it is on loan to
    • 'Deceased' allows the user to add a value for then the reptile passed away
    • 'On Hold' allows the user to add a values for who it is on hold for
  • Rebuilt the back-end processing of profile pictures
    • This will allow for "Photo Galleries" as a future feature update
  • Completely rebuilt the back-end processing for adding, updating & cloning reptiles
  • Minor UI changes across the application

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where adding a length or size even could result in an error if a decimal value was used
  • Fixed an issue where cloning a reptile and not having a "Father" selected would result in an error
  • Fixed an issue where deleting a reptile that had a repeatable medication could result in an error
  • Fixed an issue where updating a reptile with a price could throw an error if it used decimal values
  • Fixed an issue with deleted reptiles logged events remaining in the database