The list of changes this week is short but it is more substantial than ever. I have completely rebuilt the Settings pages from the ground up with the goal of unifying the interfaces to behave more like the Reptile Dashboard. While doing so, I also implemented a request I received on Reddit to implement the ability to hide Event Categories so that keepers who don't plan on breeding don't have to look at "Breeding Cycle" and "Mating". This feature works for both the default and custom categories so you can even cycle categories by season if you wish.

I have also been working almost non-stop behind the scenes with the servers ensuring that SnekLog remains fast, reliable, and secure. It's pretty tiring but as a full-time IT student, I have to admit that I enjoy it very much.

Updates For The Week

New Features

  • You can now select Event Categories (Mating, Breeding Cycle, Length etc) to be invisible on the Reptile Dashboard
    • This allows for users to see only the Categories they want to track in their collection
  • You can now change your account password from within the application


  • The Settings pages were rebuilt from the ground up
    • The new pages are much more friendly for users on hand held or touch devices
    • You can read about the new settings pages in detail over at the SnekLog Documentation
    • Some Accordion lists will remember what you had opened when the page is reloaded so you don't have to expand them repeatedly.
  • Made a few dozen changes in the back-end and to the database to increase data validation & the overall user experience
    • One of these changes was a change to the back-end Email handler so if you have any trouble recieving emails, please contact me at [email protected] directly

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the profile picture would revert to the default if the user updated their reptile.