Unfortunatly, there isn't a lot to talk about this week. I came down ill early in the week and it was the last week in my Security+ class so extra time was spent studying for my exam. I did recieve a few notifications of errors throughout the week though and was quick to try and patch those. Say tuned though, a couple of features are in the pipeline and will be rolling out in the weeks to come!

Not directly related to the app, but the Help Documentation has slowly been recieving updates and is more fleshed out for new users to help get a hang of things.

Updates For The Week

New Features

None this week, sorry!


  • Minor UI cleanup on the Reptile Photo Manager page

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where adding a Feeding Event without a food weight would cause an error when the user tried to load the Reptile Dashboard
  • Fixed an issue where when a user would open/close the Reptile Photo Gallery the page would snap back to the top
  • Fixed an issue where a user would get an error when trying to convert a clutch of eggs to animals