With the holiday break finally having wrapped up, it's back to work on improving SnekLog! There have been a lot of changes pushed to the app in the past several weeks, I just didn't manage to sit down and create a post about them. I'm hoping with my schedule having returned to 'almost' normal. I can post the change-list on a weekly or bi-weekly basis so everyone can stay up to date with how SnekLog evolves.

Updates For The Week

New Features

  • You can now set the 'Feeding Interval' each feeding event.
    • The 'Repeat Interval' field will pre-populate with what you have set in your Reptile Information but you can change it in-case you feed your reptile a meal that is a little smaller or larger than normally.
  • Food weights can now be logged in in up to 2 decimal places (IE: 3.14)
  • You can now specify whether the reptiles birthday is 'Exact' or 'Estimated'
    • The field will show up next to the birth-date on the Reptile Dashboard
    • Note: By default, all animals in the system are set to 'Exact'
  • You can now specify the date you acquired the reptile


  • Major overhaul to the way the database handles Feeding, Shedding, Defecation and Custom events.
  • Major overhaul to the apps method of rendering the web-pages
  • Birth Date now shows up at the top of the Reptile Dashboard (As well as the sidebar)
  • Updated © to 2020
  • Added a version number to the footer of SnekLog so users can easily tell when an update was pushed

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the 'Length History' chart on the Reptile Dashboard was incorrectly labeled
  • Fixed an issue where the 'Event History' would sometimes pull the wrong 'Feeding Events'