Today one of the most significant updates to SnekLog yet! With the uodate to SnekLog 1.3, users now have the ability to generate PDF files for "Reptile Reports", "Sales Cards" and the first style "Cage Cards". The best part however, is that users can easily generate these reports in bulk by Stats, Category and even by Room or Cage. That way you can easily print out sales cards for all the reptiles you have listed "For Sale" right before you head off to an Expo.

As we move forward, I will be revising the report styles as well as them more and more customizable as well as adding new styles that were suggested to me like "Care Reference Sheets"

New Features


  • You can now genarte Reports for your collection
    • The is a new button on the Sidebar sidebar for 'Print Reports & Cage Cards' that allows you to generate reports in bulk
    • The is a new button on the Quick Action sidebar for 'Reports' on the Reptile Dashboard

SnekLog Settings

  • Users can now upload their own Logos to use on Sales Cards (and other places soon as well)


User Interface

  • The sidebar is now broken down into 'groups' for easier navigation

Under The Hood

  • A lot of code was cleaned up to prevent obscure errors

Bug Fixes

User Interface

  • User Input forms now have stricter validation to prevent the server from throwing an error