It's been a busy couple of months, but I finally found some extra time to devote to updating SnekLog and today's update is one of the biggest yet! Both the Compact & Full Size homepages were rebuilt from the ground up to look better and behave better on desktop and mobile devices and I finally was able to implement the "Light Theme" that I promised when SnekLog originally launched. I also changed several other things directly related to the user experience which I hope you all enjoy!

New Features

  • Added a "Light Theme" that you can select under SnekLog Settings
  • Rebuilt the "Alert" system to look cleaner
    • The Alerts will now slide in on top of all the page elements instead of being static bars at the top
    • They will auto dismiss themselves after 7 seconds or you can close them by clicking on the X
    • Alerts are also now more descriptive as to what event you just logged
  • Added a "Message of the Day" pop-up that will notify users of updates and other important messages
    • This was added 'quietly' a few weeks ago to alert users that SnekLog was going to be off-line during maintenance at the data-center where it is hosted



  • Rebuilt the Full Size & Compact View Homepages
    • The interface should both look and handle better on devices of all size
  • Renamed the "Filter" button to "Needs"
    • IE: Needs Fed, Needs Medication

Reptile Dashboard

  • Added a "Sticky" bar at the top with the Reptiles Name
  • Cleaned up the User Interface to make each element a little more distinct
  • Added "Reptile Fasting" text to the top of the page when adding/editing a Feeding Event

Egg Clutches

  • Cleaned up the "Clutches" Page to now be more mobile friendly


  • Cleaned up the "Cages/Racks" Page to now be more mobile friendly
  • Added a "Sticky" element to each Cage/Rack so when scrolling down it will show which cage/rack you are under
  • Moved the 'Quick Event' buttons to make an accident click less likely

Under the Hood

  • Refactored most of Python Code to make future updates a bit easier
  • Refactored all of the CSS to allow for easier user interface updates
  • Reworked a majority of the JINJA2 template system to allow for more modular pages

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where using Auto-fill would cause the text boxes to turn bright white
  • Fixed a bug where the "Submit" button when adding/modifying a reptile would hide if you used the sidebar buttons
  • Fixed a bug where Inactive reptiles would show up when adding a Mating Event
  • Fixed a bug where when deleting a reptile, it could purge all the fathers assigned to Egg Clutches
  • Fixed a bug where the "Submit" button wouldn't show "Please Wait" after clicking
  • Fixed a bug where the Birthday on the Reptile Dashboard would display the wrong day depending on the users timezone