Back again with a small but still useful update for everyone! It's been pretty with school and starting to migrate back to on campus classes but I managed to find some time over the last week to dedicate to adding some new features and squashing more bugs within SnekLog.

New Features

  • Added a setting that allows users to not show reptiles marked as "In Shed" or "Pre-Shed" from the homepage when you select the "Needs Feeding" filter
    • You can find this setting under the "SnekLog Settings" page within the sidebar
  • Reminder Icons are now color coded based on when they are due
    • White means "Upcoming" (Based on your SnekLog Settings for when Icons appear)
    • Orange means "Due/Past Due"
    • Red means "Past Due by 7 or more days"


Settings Pages

  • Cleaned up the various Settings pages to look cleaner and be more organized
  • Food Types & Food Sizes have been consolidated to a "Food Settings" Page

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where deactivated reptiles would still show up under the "Cages/Racks" page
  • Fixed a bug where bulk events added to Cages/Racks would apply to deactivated or deceased reptiles