Back again with another small update! This time around I went and added a "Food List" that will break down all the food items needed for all your reptiles that are due to eat. The list breaks the food items down by category and display them as a list so that you know in advance what you need to get from the local shop, your food distributor or pull out of your freezer! The suggestion was originally made to me from a fairly large Green Tree Python breeder and other individuals I talked to also said it would be really helpful to them so I went ahead and added it to SnekLog!


New Features

  • You can now view a "Food List" (Link in the sidebar) that will display all of the food items you need for all the reptiles that are due to eat.
    • Food Items are broken down by category (Mouse Live, Rat Frozen, Rat Pre-Killed etc) and the list also shows the reptile that food item is for in case you have a picky eater and want to pull 1 or 2 less food items out.

Bug Fixes

  • The notification regarding "Reptiles in shed" when using the feeding filters will no longer show up if there are no reptiles in shed/pre-shed.